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Rental object
Location:Carl Zuckmayer
Type of room:Room
Free from/till:01.01.2024- 30.06.2024
Number of rooms:2.0
Squaremeter:12 qm
Description:I am spending the spring semester of 202
Type of furniture:Möbliert
Cooking facility:Einbauküche
Washin facility:Sink
Non-smokers only:No
Women only:Yes
Men only:No
No couples:Yes

Rent:300.00 EUR
Additional costs:0.00 EUR
Type of additional costs:Pauschal
Deposit:600.00 EUR

Details:The room is in a very good condition and furnished with closet shelf writing desk desk chair and bed Internet Network card and Network Cables Community facilities Washer anddryer The dorm is also conveniently close to both bus and tram

Landlord:Ekshita Shetty
Landlord phone:491631143968
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Important: This offer is submitted by the landlord. We do not garanty the validity of this offer.