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Rental object
Location:Carl Zuckmayer 14
Type of room:Room
Free from/till:15.11.2023- 15.05.2024
Number of rooms:1.0
Squaremeter:22 qm
Description:Fully furnished single apartment with ki
Type of furniture:Möbliert
Cooking facility:Küche
Washin facility:Shower
Non-smokers only:Yes
Women only:No
Men only:No
No couples:No

Rent:330.00 EUR
Additional costs:50.00 EUR
Type of additional costs:Pauschal
Deposit:1200.00 EUR

Details:I will be in Berlin for an internship for 6 months. That's why I am subletting my place.

Landlord:Batuhan Öztürk
Landlord phone:015228130905
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Important: This offer is submitted by the landlord. We do not garanty the validity of this offer.