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Only the actual date of the desired move-in is to be chosen.
Applications will be accepted as early as six month prior to the move-in date.
We will not respond to additional information regarding the move-in date!

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Eînzelzimmer in WG: single room in a shared flat
Eînzelzimmer in 2er WG: single room in a flat shared by 2 people
Apart­ment: single apart­ment
Stellplatz: parking space
Mutter Kind Apart­ment: mother and child flat
Paarwohnung: couple flat

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Please choose either a minimum of 2 residences
or 'Alle Wohnheime'.

You will find an overview
under "Residences" ("Wohnhäuser").

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You will receive your accommodation offer by post or email. Please notify us immediately of any changes to your postal or email address. The offer is subject to a time limit, so please check your inbox regularly.

Notes on data protection / information to be provided pursuant to Art. 13 EU GDPR
Some of the services offered by the Studierendenwerk Mannheim can only be provided if personal data is collected. Protecting your personal data is as important to us as having transparent procedures for data collection and processing in place. Please visit our website for comprehensive information on this topic: https://www.stw-ma.de/informationspflicht [currently only available in German].